Hip flexor pain treatment   Did you know, there is a hidden survival muscle in your body that is not only missed by many modern Doctors, but it also keeps millions of men and women agonising in pain, frustrated with belly fat they can’t shift, and feeling low on energy, all day long.

It’s called a “Hip Flexor”

These hip flexors are the actual engine that our body moves through. The Hips are the No1 most important part of our skeletal frame, everything goes through the hips. Tight hip flexors can cause overwhelming pain, and many other problems to the human body.

Here are some of the problems associated with tight hip flexors

  1. Join pain in the legs, lower back or hips
  2. Discomfort while walking
  3. Hips locking up
  4. Very bad posture
  5. Trouble getting a good night’s sleep
  6. Sluggishness throughout the day
  7. Digestive problems
  8. Immune system compromised.
  9. Issues with bad circulation
  10. Loss of sexual performance

Many people suffer from some of the symptoms above without truly knowing what’s causing them. Hip flexor pain treatment can cure this with some simple exercises, read more here

Hip Flexor Pain TreatmentHip Flexor Pain Treatment – The Miracle Muscle

At the centre of all your body’s movement lies the hips. Your hips are literally the bridge between the upper and lower body. Sitting right within the well of the hip and lower spine is a muscle called the Psoas. This muscle is often called the “mighty psoas”, becasue of the important role it plays in the movement of your body.

The Psoas is the only muscle in the human body connecting the upper body to the lower. It is attached to the vertebrae of the lower spine. It moves through the Pelvis and is connected at the top of the Femur. It is also connected ot the diaphragm, which means it is also connected to your breathing.

When it functions properly, it can:

  1. Help you achieve the most amazing peak performance every day
  2. Help you rapidly drop lots of ugly body fat, that stubbornly clings to your body.
  3. Help you train harder, and help you gain strength much faster than you ever thought possible
  4. Help you hit your peak in sexual health.
  5. Flood your body and mind with a powerful surge of improved energy and vigor

Hip Flexor Pain Treatment – The Sworn Enemy

The No 1 activity that is making you fatter, weaker and killing off your sex life is.. SITTING!…

YES!.. is is probably the most harmless activity you can do, however, it’s not doing you any good. The trouble is, we spend so much time sitting while at a computer, at work, watching TV these days, our Psoas muscle is so tight, it can be bringing us all manner of health problems.

Hip Flexor Pain TreatmentBulging Ugly Belly

Even if you are hammering the core exercises every day, your belly can still stick out. I went to the gym 3 times a week for two years and my belly still stuck out. It’s embarrassing and it looks bad. It looks like you don’t care about your body or the way you look and you do, deep down you really do, you just cant shift it.

Your Psoas muscle is deeply connected to your survival instincts. It instantly tightens in moments of danger to protect you, it will release adrenaline to help you run away and survive.

Fat Loss Inhibitor

If your Psoras is constantly tight, it signals to your body that you are in constant danger, leading to the overworking of the adrenal glands. The body switches to fat storing mode in anticipation of danger. If you can’t shift that weight, it could simply be that survival muscle in the hips..

Hip Flexor Pain Treatment. There are many treatments available today for relaxing the Psoras muscle, some of these treatments are “ultra expensive”, however we have a specially selected exercise program which is within everyone’s budget, read more about it here   

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